UNDER HAIR CARE transformed my entire hair experience!

UNDER HAIR CARE transformed my entire hair experience!

By Dr. Camille Verovic for GIRL+HAIR Blog --

Hi, my name is Dr. Camille Verovic, aka @dermbeautydoc, and I’m the founder of GIRL+HAIR UNDER HAIR CARE™ (UHC). When I created UHC I had one goal in mind, which is to help women to easily maintain and grow their hair while wearing protective styles.

During my professional career, I’ve always struggled to properly cleanse and moisturize my scalp and hair while wearing a weave, wig or braids, resulting in dryness and breakage. There were simply no healthy hair care products that I could use that made it easy to maintain my own hair while put in a protective style. Based on my own frustration and armed with my medical background and desire to find the best performance based and healthy ingredients in mind, I created UHC. However, a couple of years later, I could not have imagined that my idea of creating UHC could actually transform the way women experience their hair and I wanted to share the story of Cole, who reached me with this message:

“Hi, my name is Cole. I’ve been meaning to send this review for a few weeks! I have 4c hair that I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power to moisturize for years! I cut it all off, used every product in the book, and stopped using heat for a year or two, NOTHING!

GIRL+HAIR Customer showing her natural 4c hair

Then, I came across your line and I purchased the CLEAR+ ACV Rinse & NOURISH+ Leave-in Conditioner. I was washing my hair 1x every 10 days (my hair would dry out much faster if I washed it any more often than that). I could see the change after about 3 washes. I would give a good finger scrub deep around and under the sew-in and a good long rinse. After that I would pat all the excess water out and then apply the leave-in conditioner. After about the 3rd time, I could instantly tell my hair was CLEAN and extremely MOISTURIZED. After having a sew-in for 2-3 months and then taking it out, my curls have been BEYOND bouncy and beautiful and almost as chill & cute as my new apt in NYC outfit vibes - hahaha. I had a leave-out in the front and even where the new growth was happening you could see how my natural curls had loosened so much and the leave-out was so easy to run my fingers through I couldn’t even believe it was my actual hair. I STILL CAN’T! Even my mom was like holy shit after not seeing me for 6 months. (She now plans to purchase her own when she gets back home).

GIRL+HAIR Customer showing her moisturized 4c Afro textured hair

2 months after continuing to use the product on my natural hair and snipping my ends, my hair is crazy healthy and manageable. I only have to use my straightener 1-2 times a week vs every day. I can wear it up down, no brush necessary or a full no heat style. For that I say THANK YOU!!! It’s been 15 years of buying/looking/trying/crying and this has been the only thing that’s worked long term and made my hair feel healthy and happy and moisturized! You have fixed my whole problem in under 5 months.“

This testimony is what our brand is about: no gimmicks, no nonsense effective hair care. I would love to hear about your hair journey (struggles and triumphs). I encourage you to share your story by sending me an email (info@girlandhair.com) or a quick IG DM @girlandhair. I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Dr. Camille Verovic
G+H Founder

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